Today's Friends,
Tomorrow's Leaders,
Forever in Service.


Hello friends. We are the sisters of the Phi Chapter of Omega Phi Alpha National Service Sorority located on the campus of Arizona State University. Omega Phi Alpha is a national service sorority committed to serving the local and university community, as well as the nations of the world. We are an organization based on the ideals of bringing friendship, leadership, and service into everything we do. Phi Chapter of Omega Phi Alpha was founded at ASU in 1998. 

Please feel free to explore the rest of our webpage and get to know a bit more about us. Friendship, Leadership and Service are our three cardinal principals. To understand more about how we incorporate them into our chapter and daily lives check out the links above. If you are interested in joining our great organization look at the RUSH tab. 

Have Questions? Please contact Phi Chapter President Karla Liriano at [email protected]
For more information about our sorority on the national level please visit the National Web Site.